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    Ron Clay Guest


    Very interesting Stewart. I hope your group goes from strength to strength.

    I fromed a specimen group in 1962. It was called the Northern Specimen Group and from this base the NASA (originally NASG) came into being. We had some quite well known anglers of the time as members, Tag Barnes, Ray Webb, Steve Crawshaw, Dick Clegg and Eric Hodson amongst others.

    These were great days. I remember them fondly

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    David Will Guest


    You haven't been invited to join then Ron!

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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    Good luck with the group guys, I hope to get an invite some day, well maybe.

    AKA Norman no mates, live in hope die in despair

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    Apart from Cooperman we should consider re-naming ourselves SWABs, no guesses for the 'B'.....

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Thanks for the comments Ron.

    As I stated in the article, we're not recruiting for new members. In fact our Constitution states we are at the required level, set out by the 'founding group'. We do have a mechanism to bring on board new members, but our aim is to keep it small. Not be to exclusive, but that's what we all want. We have no desire to be elitist in any way, but want to maintain the 'family' type atmosphere we have at present.

    I would like the article to act as a catalyst, to spur on other such groups. With the benefits of the Internet, a specialist group can have its own site, mailing list, chatroom etc - all free. Of course, members need to be on-line in the first place.

    The Internet is a wonderful tool, that can be used for the enhancement of angling. The scope for groups such as ours is enormous - single species groups, multiple species groups, geographically based groups, even groups based on venues...etc...the sky is the limit...

    ...AS long as no-one starts a Stillwater Barbel Group I'm happy (only teasing)....

    I'll be willing to pass on what we have learned to anyone that is interested. Mail me direct.

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    David Will Guest


    Does angling need even more groups within groups?
    Not having a pop , just playing Devils Advocate.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Angling needs all the comaradie it can get...there is plenty of that in SWAG....we rib each other merciless but we are always ready to help each other out...along with others!

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    I endorse what Paul writes.
    Regarding new groups, why not? I can only speak for our group but it wasn't started as a schism or a breakaway, so was not birthed illegitimately. It's not in direct conflict with any other group, it was not created because we all felt that some existing group was not doing its job 'properly' and we all felt we could do better. So, why not? The adage, 'United we stand, divided we fall' comes to mind. Perhaps one of the reasons why angling is not the force it should be is that we have too many single minded anglers around?
    (By the way, that last comment was not a pop at you David.)

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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    I too like the idea of 'web-based' groups, clubs - call them what you will. Like-minded people can get together on a fairly regular basis, enjoy a days/nights/weekends fishing and have a bit of a social (without going over the top) - excellent fun!

    We already have that with FishingMagic, in that fish-ins are arranged throughout the country - unfortunately we cannot always attend for various reasons be they personal or geographical - or both!

    Perhaps more groups could be set up on a more geographical basis? I know a few people, for example, who post on here who reside in Northamptonshire? Myself included!

    The idea is not to compete in any way with what already exists, but to be complimentary as opposed to alternatively - if you see what I mean?

    Members of new Groups could obviously retain their membership of existing Groups and FishingMagic fish-ins can still be arranged.

    Any thoughts?

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Ah, Malcolm, exactly the sort of response that I was hoping to get. Your mail reflects my thoughts exactly.
    I can just see it now...Specialists Internet Northants group....or SIN for short.....

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