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    Leon Foreman Guest


    It is with amusement that I follow some threads on this and other forums. Isn’t it strange how we all claim to be Fisherman yet we all see ours as the only true Fishing experience? And yes I might be generalising again but it seems to be a general viewpoint of most – yep not all but and overwhelming number – fisherman that other versions of fishing is just not “Cricket”. Isn’t that like discussing the different religions out in the world, political viewpoints and the merits of different spectator sports? What is the difference between a Fly fisherman tossing a fluffy 500 to 1000 times into a river and a course fisherman bivied on the bank or even a sea angler on the shore with rod in hand. Aren’t the end results the same? One fish caught and a Happy angler proudly sporting his achievement. Whether we stalk the Carp or ambush them, Cheat them into taking a fake nymph or get them to chase after a dead sardine, we are there for the pleasure of the sport. Shouldn’t we just accept that it is Different strokes for different Folks

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Live and let live I say....I agree with your sentiments.

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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    Well said Leon!! :-)

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    Bob Gill Guest


    Nice one Leon - refreshing reminder that we are all fisherman with similar aims and goals etc. Let's stick together and emphasise the positives and promote angling. We have our different areas of sport but we still have much to benefit and learn from each other. United we stand, divided....


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    Peter Morton Guest


    Leon,got it in one.well said.

    Have just returned from a very pleasant day out.7 of us had a small match on a new lake that has only been open for 6 weeks.(Sams Lakes,near Headcorn,Kent.)Result 6 common carp-44lbs11ozs-1st place and £20 won in the sweep,but most importantly 3 young kids shown how to set up a maggot feeder rig,much to the relief of their dad who was happy to admit he didn't have a it cost me half a dozen feeders and a packet of hooks,but afterwards all 3 caught and came over and thanked me,which is what really made my day.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    We are all brothers (or sisters) of the angle and as such we should band together wherever possible.

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    gary magee Guest


    Personally when I'm fishing with my pole I'd much rather have some body carp fishing next to me on one side and on the other side some body pike fishing.were all out to catch fish and it would be really boring if we all fished the same way for the same the fact theres nothing better than hooking a nice carp on a pole next to a carp angler and then complaining (toungue in cheek)that they are a bloody nuisance taking bait intended for little roach.Part of the fun of fishing is after all the bankside banter(quietly of course).

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    David Will Guest


    Having perused some of the Carp only sites i am afraid they have little or no regard for the rest of the angling world.I know they are not all like it but i would like to see a big name stick his head above the paraphet and put some of the Carp world in their place. I suggest a campaign to rid the Angling Media of the term 'nuisance fish' for a start.Jim Gibbinson would be an ideal prophet as i suspect from his writing he has many Carp anglers pretty well summed up.

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    Leon Foreman Guest


    Carp angling, How many times have we heard the following " I don’t understand what the fuss about carp angling is all about" My personal viewpoint is such. I think Carp is firstly one of the most common species of fish worldwide - no pun intended. It is actually easy to get started in Carp fishing as one knows that really you only need the most basic of equipment to catch a carp plus some good fortune and luck. The last of my personal 3 reasons is that the results can be instantaneously. With less effort one of the bigger species of fish can be caught. Yes I agree that to be a really good Carp Angler and a successful one at that just as much effort and hard work has to go in as with any other Fishing sport. It is just easier being a Pleasure Carp angler than most other sort of pleasure fishing about. As for myself I have the world of respect for fluff chucker’s, Bass Bashers, Predator hunters and Salty's, as for myself I will keep on hunting Carp and have the occasional dash at other sorts.

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