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    Ron Clay Guest


    I had a friend up this weekend, Nick Melling of Manchester. One of the subjects we discussed was posing, especially with a big fish infront of the camera.

    Just how important is to pose correctly when you photo is being taken or when you are seen in the pub or on the bank? The correct hat I suppose is vital.

    Any ideas out there on the correct type of silly hat.

    Nick explained that when you are holding a big fish it's best not to look at the camera but to look at the head of the fish.

    Also, just as important is the expression on your face.

    There are many anglers who are rying to make it to the top. They might need a bit of help. Come on, lets have your advice and suggestions on this most important subject.

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    It was standard practice some years ago to hold a fish and look at its head while the shot was taken. I think the new convention of looking at the camera is much better. When you see someone looking at the head of long fish held across the body it looks really silly with the person's head twisted over to one side.

    There is room for various poses with fish, but looking directly at the camera with a smile on your face, and actually looking like you enjoyed the experience is best of all.

    So come on. Don't act like you've done something to be ashamed of, or that you shouldn't be part of the picture. Be proud of the fish you catch, look at the camera - and smile!

    As for hats, there is only one hat to wear and that's a FISHINGmagic cap. But don't all rush and ask for one as we don't have any right now!

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    The best thing to do if you have a face like Brummie Williams is to hold the fish so that it actually covers it.....I'm not saying he's ugly but he's got the perfect face for radio...and the catapult he uses now is the same one his mom used to feed him with when he was a baby...In fact in his earlier days he was an extra in the black and white horror movies...they'd just finished filming a set and Boris Karloff said 'Ok mate, you can take off your mask now'....'what mask?...Brummie replied....
    Sorry Graham, I've just come back from an overnighter and I actually caught a fish so I'm on a high...but I promise to behave myself for the rest of the week...honest...

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    Ron Clay Guest


    What sort of fish and how big? I caught 18 fish this weekend!

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    A double common...not massive, but when you're the King Of The Blankers, worth celebrating...Still, in all seriousness, from the venue, a good fish...only 17 to catch you up Ron...

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    well done Sedge, did you foul hook it?

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Yes, it was foul hooked in the mouth.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    You tell him Ron...these youngsters think they're clever don't they...

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    David Will Guest


    Not having the book i wonder if Chris Ball and Tim Paisley have a chapter in their Millenium Carp book on the history of looking like a miserable ****** whilst holding a Carp.
    The practice was rife in 1983 as evidenced by the Fourth British Carp Study book.Obviously the pose pre dates this book as Trevor Housby looked pretty miserable whilst holding two Crucians(Carp of sorts !) in Fishing As We find It.
    Who was the first , who started it who was the weakest link?

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Sedge is that weakest link!!! and i don't mind you playing me up when you catch Sedge....i just can't remember the last time you did play me up )

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