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    The Keith Cully Memorial match was more popular than ever and in spite of us being plagued with poor conditions I have a feeling a number of people, including me, want more.

    So I'm toying with the idea of arranging another match on Clattercote Reservoir, probably around July or August, possibly with some tackle prizes. But before I go ahead with anything I could do with knowing if there would be enough interest.

    If you're reasonably sure you will be able to attend (given a date when you're available) would you please let me know on this thread.

    Once we have more than 25 names showing an interest we'll move on to arranging a date and seeing what prizes we can get, and maybe a trophy.

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    Stuart Bullard 3 Guest


    Yup - I am interested, however I cannot make any more Saturdays as I am now committed to cricket, so is Sunday an option? Also August will be difficult with holidays etc. but late July OK (so long as its not a Saturday)

    What about early September?

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    Count me in too Graham, the twins will be settled by then.

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    Big Rik Guest


    a definite from me, dates permitting.

    Got an Osprey Specci group fish-in on the w/end of the 10th/11th of July, but that's about it.

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    Coops Guest


    I will join in, no dates I know of I can't currently do.

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    Big Steve Guest


    I'm certainly interested. A couple of dates that I know of that I cannot make:-
    July 17
    August 21-28

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    Nick Austin 2 Guest


    where is it rik?... (county?)

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    Big Rik Guest


    the match is at Clattercote, which is Banbury, near Oxford (J11 of the M40) or did you mean my fish-in ?

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    Shrek Guest


    I'd like to participate please.

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    Phil Hatton Guest


    If the date works with my bizarre shifts I'd be up for it.

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