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Thread: pole rigs

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    si Guest


    i have just started in match fishing this is my first season (winter league)
    so no suprise when i say its mainly carp in the venues we will be fishing

    so i need to make some pole rigs
    but ime not entirely sure as to witch pound line to use for the rigs
    ime useing a size 12 elastic running through a top 2

    i dont want to end up useing line to weak for the carp but i dont want to spoil the presentation with strong line ?????

    its just that last sunday the first match was 7 hours and i weighed in 2 roach and got smashed by a carp

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    I use 1.8lb pro gold to 3lb Diawa mainline to 12 elastic.

    I have had carp to 5lb 6oz as well as small roach.

    It works for me.


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    Pro micron not pro gold DOH

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    i use silstar match team line in 4.6 and 6.2lb even in winter.

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    Try g-line is very supple and has very low diameter as well, it never lets down, i dont think theres really any better ont there. try the lines between 4lb and 8lb tour be impressed.

    tight lines for 2005

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    0.15 Powerline to 0.13 hooklength for me, works fine with 12 elastics. Size hook dependant on bait but 18 or 16 Kamasan 911 are what i use for carp most of the time. I will go up to a Size 10 if fishing paste though.

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    You dont have to scale down to much even in winter.I never drop below 0.13 diameter (4lb)when there is a chance of catching carp.I would change the strength of your elastic to either white hydro or number 10 latex for winter fishing.Both are soft enough for silvers but have power in reserve to land large carp.Also use a finer wire hook which will be lighter than forged giving better presentation.Tubertines 808 series or kamasan 911 are ideal.Feeding wise,feed to your bites,you carn't take out what you put in.If you need any more info give us a shout.

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    Bryan Jackson Guest


    0.14mm Lazer Shogun to a 12 elastic - carp to 15lb landed so far with no problems. Very reliable and strong.

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    As we've said so many times on these forums when it comes to lines everyone has their favourite so find yours and stick with it. On the subject of line strength don't go to fine.I'm not a regular on the commercial fisheries but I have been to enough of them to say that the water is often very coloured so fine line just isn't necessary. I guess the colour is often caused by the original digging out.

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    I remember reading somewhere, so please don't ask as i can't remember, that most strong elastics when at full stretch have a breaking strain of 10-12lbs and that to exceed this with a stronger line results in a broken pole. So basically what i am trying to say is that so long as the BS of the line you are using matches the elastic rating, within reason, you should not have a major problem. I hope this makes sense as i am knackered as i've just got back from catching some naughty Tincas.

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