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    Barry Gausden Guest


    I caught 47kg of fish in a match and only came 4th in my section!!I was so knackered at the end.I think it was superman on the next peg,he had 70kg!!I think I will have to start working out in the gym to be able to last the distance.

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    Barry Gausden Guest


    I know at this time of year that amount of fish in the UK wouldnt happen,but this was a match in Australia!

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    NottmDon Guest


    My lad fished a couple of matches in the UK last year, hes a fit, weight lifting, strong as an ox type, he had a similar amount to you in one match Barry and he told me his arms were hurting for three days afterwards, he did win his section but didnt dent the match winners weight! In all fairness he hadn't fished a carp commercial match lake before. He enjoyed it and then had the cheek to invite me! "No thanks son I'll stick to a few silver fish thanks" lol!!

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