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    reading a article by jamie mason on paste fishing he was using a new float from maver called PASTE .looked good for bite detection has anyboady used these floats with any success.i know its not the time of year for paste but the article was in october and the floats have been out a while ??

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    hav'nt used them but when I saw your message I looked in the 'maver' site and saw that they had catfood/paste floats and margin paste floats and I will try them as I have never had any problems with maver floats...hope this helps....Frank

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    I have used them mate, the 1g version on a deep local water. Shot down to the bottom of the stem, the black bit and then the weight of the paste or cat meat to fully shot. great strong floats with easy to read bites. I just let them go under, count to one and then lift a few inches.

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    thanks for the info .will give them a go.
    cheers mate

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