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    although I have been a follower of many posts on the forums this is the first time i've startde one!

    I've got a match at clattercote in a couple of weeks and would like a few pointers.

    Also , when I rang the bailiff he told me nearby Boddington Reservoir was shut at the moment. Anyone Know why?

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    Steve Wilson Guest


    hi Ken

    Boddington is closed at the moment because they are building concrete platforms whilst the water is low
    these platforms are to make the fishing safer because if you have ever been there and fished off the rocks you would now why

    As for clattercote .if you are on either side up to half way up then its bagging waggler with the lightest and cloudyist groundbait that youve got using Ringers white boilley or pellet hairigged

    method feeder with dead red then white boilley works too

    hope this helps

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    steves right about need the agility of a mountain goat to fish alot of the pegs there!!!
    it made me wonder about what happens if some one slips/trips on them rocks and breaks a leg etc.... who`s liable???

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    sounds like a good job im fishing at clattercote, with all the gear I take!

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    oi ken.......just leave enough room in the car for piper alpha ! :-)

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    Ken, at Clattercote you need to target the carp to win, on the top with bagging waggler if it's warm enough for them to surface feed, or on the bottom with method feeder otherwise.

    The tench are another option at certain times, but you need to ask a few questions of the regulars when you get there and find out what's been best just lately.

    Uaual baits are pellet, boilie, corn, or maggot.

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    thanks for all the tips, it really helped me to blank!!!!!!! on a serious note it was a very nice venue to fish, especially as rodpod won the match with 56lb of carp and bream, (his box/oilrig weighs a lot more than that!!!!!)

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    Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA) Guest


    Ken, Graham organises an FM match at Clattercote every May.It's usually a question of who finishes runner up to to Stu Dexter but it is always a good crack.Blanking will put you in good company.

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    I'm good company, Nigel said so.

    I believe in reintarnation - I'll come back to life as a hillbilly.

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    Im always up for a good laugh on the bankside, and it helps if I catch.

    I will keep an eye out for the fish-in at clattercote, sounds like a good time.

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