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    I'm fishing a match on the Ash lake here next week. Has anyone any suggestions for successful tactics and baits? If previous experience is anything to go by it will be hard and peggy after this downturn in the weather.

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    sorry fred cant help you mate .not a match but why dont you fish the maggot feeder with a little bit of fishmeal groundbait in there to start off. these guys will probably know better methods but good luck.

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    Just an update on what actually happened. What a day weatherwise! Wind varied between gale force and hurricane. Our winner had 8 carp on the tip for 15lb. Second and third were on the next pegs to the winner with 10lbs odd each = 4 fish each. Me? I had one bite in 5 hours on the short pole and still ended up 10/19 anglers fishing.
    It just goes to show that these commercials can be stocked to the rafters but nobody can guarantee that you will catch fish!

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    it has been a bit grim fred but at least you didnt come last.I wasnt overly impressed with the venue when i had a look fred what do you make of it.

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    Hi Gav, sorry only just seen your post from a month ago. I quite like Highfield as commercials go but it certainly think that it is rather peggy. No problem if you draw a decent one!

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    I fished a match there for the one and only time I have fished it. I finished with 18 pounds something. I finished 2nd. I was only 1.5 lbs off winning. Waggler and double red maggot was the combo I used, bagging up on skimmer after skimmer. Hope this helps for anyone fishing there in the future

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