Only got back from Hols today
Received a letter from BW about these matches they are organising.

Sounds well interesting to me (1st 5000), especially when you read into it.

Basically its 5 qualifying matches on some good waters (I've fished them all, and had some big old weights).
80 peg matches with 8 section winners from each round going through to a 40 peg final at Blythe waters.
That means you are only fishing against 9 other anglers to get a chance of winning 5000. Eachsection winner will pick up 130 (Where can you fish a 10 peg match for 130? - sounds easy money to me).

I can see some peoples point that it's 40 to enter, but 20 goes straight into the pot for the final and the other 20 for the payout on the day. BW are only taking out the peg monies, they are not making anything out of this (not like that Maver pairs do - don't get me started there - invites for the pro's as well).

My monies in the post, might see some of yo there?

Oh yea, I've heard Keith Fishers left BW and a new guy as taken over? Any one else heard this?