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    Hi, guys,

    Can anyone advise of some local venues to fish matches, going to start fishing some of the local club matches but was just wondering where else in sussex there is to fish matches.

    Thanks guys and tight lines.

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    Badger 184 Guest


    Passies pond and back arun are two that I know of in west sussex

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    Cheers Badger hae you ever tried either of them?

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    ROBO Guest


    Hi Dan , Have you been to Wylands international fishery east sussex , its near Battle Railway station turn off Power mill lane and keep going for about 3 miles , its a very good fishery and there is a very good match lake and if your using your pole fish the far bank and you won,t stop catchingfish also there are other good lakes at the fisheryand there is a good little snack bar there and you can buy maggotsat the fishery and the guys that own the fishery are very helpfull , Also check there web site as they hold many matches at the match lake and you couldcall the fishery as they would give you some advice if needed

    Tight lines


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    Evan the Welsh Windbag Guest


    Depends where you are in Sussex.... I'm just over the border from West / North Sussex in South East Surrey and I know where a few bodies are buried up here, but if you're down towards the Brighton and Hove end of things then I know nothing... Good luck either way !

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    And if your in between I might be able to help...

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    Framfield Park have matches I believe every wednesday!!!

    Give em a call !!!

    It's a great fishery!! Full of Carp!!!

    Good Luck Matey!!


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