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    Just wondering which fish prefer the bait to be laying on and which fish prefer the bait just off.

    I fish my local canal leeds to liverpool with a pole.

    Many thanks


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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    For a canal.
    The only four I can think of are -;Roach which I caught 'mostly' just off the bottom about an inch. But the bigger ones laying on.

    Perch, 'mostly' laying on, Bream and Tench 'all' laying on.

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    Thanks Baz

    How much should I be laying on by? just the bait or some line too?

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    It depends Adam.
    For Perch, I wouldn't lay on too much otherwise it could lead to deep hooking (useing magots). If there isn't too much pull on the canal, lay on as little as possible to begin with, about a couple of inches to see if your float holds position. A number 8 shot a couple of inches from the hook to begin with, then add more if needs be.

    If you do start to drift, then move some shot down and lengthen the amount you are laying on by.

    For Roach, Bream and Tench, (useing casters) I allways found that laying on by 10 inches was a good starting point.

    When you first start, you will probably find that the Perch will be the first at your hookbait. Then you will start to catch the Roach, and then the Bream. As a rule of thumb, it it was usually reckoned that if you were catching Perch, then there were no other species in your swim. But that doesn't usually last for long as you begin to build your swim up by regular feeding.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    Oh and by the way. While you are useing the pole, a good tip I got was to hold your pole over your fishing area, and gently and slowly lower your hookbait down into the water, there are times when it brings a bite almost straight away. And overshot your float so that it just sinks, then put a dab of vaseline on the float tip. The only thing holding your float up by useing vaseline is the water tension. If a fish so much as sneezes near the hookbait it will show up instantly. Only smear the very tip of your float with vaseline so that you don't have much more than a dimple showing on the waterline.
    This is best for fishing just off bottom.

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    Bob "chubber"Lancaster (ACA) Guest


    fished with a pole today for bream and roach on a small lake started with plumbing depth and fishing at that depth on caster no bites so i went 3 inches deeper and put a No 8 2 inches from hook bang and there they were roach and bream all day . but depends as well on whats about and how they like it just play about with your rigs until you catch dont be afraid to experiment and as baz say,s lower your bait right over your fish easy with a pole.tight lines

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    Which stretch of the Leeds Liverpool do you fish? Might be worth asking around as to what others have found works on that stretch, you could be fishing at the right depth already just with the wrong bait

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    I fish in Riddlesden which is in Keighley west yorkshire

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    baz does the laying on approach work on Rivers too?

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    ask husband

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