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    Split pin for a Browning Trolley which holds on wheel seems to have fallen off. Haven't got a clue where to get one. Local tackle shop doesn't want to know. I can't even find Browning's phone No. or website. Also, lost a winged screw from my footplate must have fallen off yesterday any ideas where I can get one? Both minor items but v.annoying all the same.
    All help gratefully accepted.

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    Good luck but don't hold your breath.

    They weren't very efficient when I tried to obtain a replacement middle section for my old 15' Browning Aggressor match rod - I got three answers, one each from the tackle rep to my local tackle shop, from the secretary dealing with enquiries on the phone and from the MD in response to email... and each answer was different !

    Two said it wasn't available and the third said it was, but quoted a price an arm and a leg more than the rod was / is worth (based it would appear on the original RRP, even though I doubt that any were ever actually sold at that RRP - I certainly didn't pay that price or anything like it !).

    I understood at the time (just over a year ago or so) that Browning were withdrawing office and administrative operations from the UK market in favour of admin back in Germany ? Or summat like that, certainly that was the explanation I was given for the inefficiency. Hopefully this may have settled down by now, I don't know. Good luck !

    PS. Anyone needing a spare butt or tip section for a B Agg 15 need only make me an offer.... :-@

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