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Thread: river seven

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    alan gough Guest



    Does any one no of any midweek matches on the seven around irionbridge area thanks

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    EC Guest


    Check the angling times and anglers mailmate, they used to have a match section with entry details etc.

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    alan gough Guest


    Thanks Eddie will do.

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    hi allan.

    not many " open " river matches at all these days , severn,trent or otherwise ...but , i do believe they are on the way back ....albeit slowly....

    i live near derby and could not find any in the fishing weeklys when i started fishing again in earnest this year ...

    you will find your local fishing clubs still run matches with also some midweek ones if you look them up on the net ...when i first started looking i think i put in the search engine " fishing in derbyshire " it brought up lots of contacts .

    best regards...dave s.

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    alan gough Guest


    Hi Dave

    Thanks mate i found one at ironbridge on a wednot been yet,had a walk down there last week to check things out they were all catching well,not how it used to be but enjoyable regards alan.

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    alan gough Guest


    Hi All

    Had a couple of days out last week with me mate shadrack a visit to larford and homer lake shrops first time i fish hadeither one,keep on visiting different venues but yet to find one as good as calf heath for my bream fishing i think shadrack as pitch is tent up there ha ha alan.

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