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Thread: Advice Please!

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    going to fish a swim Approx 20ft deep pretty much a stillwater, main quaryy will roach and skimmers at about 9m. intending to use a sensas Jean Francois pattern float about 2g. Not sure what elastic, main line, hook length, shotting pattern or hook! any suggestions preferably fishing related! or advice greatly received!

    thanks in advance


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    trev matthews (100M bronze) Guest


    will the fish be down that far at this time of the year ? I rather suspect they will be in the upper layers of water where its warmer.

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    At most they will come a foot or two of the bottom, depending on the swim the shelf is at 9m or so or if your lucky flattens out where the skimmers tend to feed.

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    Sounds like a good venue to fish the Slider matey!!!

    It's a great way of catching in deep swims..........

    Give it a try!!!


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    i agree with lee and at 9m it,s a doddle .set the pole for on the drop presentation the fish will not wait at the bottom in that depth of water with a steady trickle of maggot/caster over there heads,......shirt button shotting pattern light pole float feed lay line in straight tight line after feeding little and often keep the hookbait falling with the loose feed dont allow it to hang static. vary depth to find fish and fish as short to float as possible to connect with instant/fast bites .if that dont work go on the slider.
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