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    Default Open match -Toft Silver

    What can i say-weather blazing hot, no ripple= fish not really that interested!....sandwiched between the legend that is Kevin Folwell and Miracle baits-Pete Tapp ...still some how managed to keep up all match,until Mr folwell landed 2 late lumps(last 15 mins) thats what makes legends!!! weigh-in Kev won it with 30-0-0,Bad H 2nd with 29-0-0, JD 3rd with 27-8-0,then me with 26-0-0, Pete Tapp other side of me weighed in 20-6-0, only 12 fished,the fishing was hard but enjoyable,lowest recorded weight 8-0-0, plenty of banter,and a brilliant last hours fishing.....thats it now till a club match next thurs-but before then back to work!!!all the best Gaz

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    Default Re: Open match -Toft Silver

    At least you were fishing.

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    Default Re: Open match -Toft Silver

    Quote Originally Posted by steph mckenzie View Post
    At least you were fishing.
    Very true!!we fished 1-6,in the blazing sun and still calm conditions,which was bound to have a negative affect on the fishing,fish did,nt really start having a go properly till the last hour!!,still the tans coming on nicely

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