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    Default Re: Seat boxes.... a quandary

    nice looking set up, ive just got the koala ks7 KOALA PRODUCTS KS7 SYSTEM 7 DRAWER SEAT BOX + BACK REST FOOTPLATE + SPRAY BAR + SIDE TRAY - KOALA PRODUCTS FISHING TACKLE not filled with my c£&p yet but im most pleased so far, i dont pole fish (yet) but for my usually stuff n bits n things thrown everywhere around me i hope this will tidy me up a bit on the bank and it has a backrest
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    Default Re: Seat boxes.... a quandary

    Looks nice
    I just can't get along with seat boxes chair all the way for me
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    Default Re: Seat boxes.... a quandary

    Is the matchbox still suiting you arthur2sheds?
    I was pegged next to Jim burton on Saturday ... Hadn't seen him for over 20 years, but then he's not been on any matches in that time. He introduced himself as Jim Burton Matchbox .... Wonder if he changed it by deed poll?
    I did have to remind him that we'd met 20 years before! He is definitely a character and can talk the hind legs off a donkey!

    Anyway ... Jim had the last laugh with 2 barbel for the section win ... Beating my 12 pounds of roach and dace.

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    I found this old thread really useful because I'd never come across MatchBox tackle before. Really like the look of the boxes they offer and I was able to get a couple of 25 mm telescopic legs to fit my current box at a very reasonable price.

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    Default Re: Seat boxes.... a quandary

    Yes and does anybody know if Arthur still fishes or looks in here?

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    Default Re: Seat boxes.... a quandary

    Arthur, Could I ask how much and where from please? What did you buy, I really would like a back rest if I took one?

    Thanks Rich.

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