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    Default Rod feedback Daiwa Torny.

    Just a bit of feedback regarding rod I brought recently.

    I've only had two chances to use the rod at 10'. Catching around 20 carp to 7lb over two days. The rod performed with consummate ease, so a big cheers to those that offered advice to me about it.

    I'd imagine it has a touch more power at 11' but that's just my guess. A double figure carp would really put it through it's paces, cannot wait.

    If anyone is contemplating buying one of these expensive Tournament rods I can only say I think you get what you pay for. My Drennan rods are nice, but the Daiwa has something in the feel about it that I'd find hard to describe. I have the similar rod but in a 13' float rod that too has that something? I've termed it with a new Shimano Aero Ci4 4000 fa. Together a amazing combo. The reel drag is as good as my Daiwa's in my humble opinion.

    Again thanks all.

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    Default Re: Rod feedback Daiwa Torny.

    The Spectron is so good that the Tournament must be damn near perfect, with its durable Megatop quivers and superior blank. My own experiences with the 9/10 indicate that there's a fair amount of extra oomph to be had by adding the extra foot, making these rods incredibly flexible in their range of uses. In fact, I haven't had to use another quiver rod since mine arrived, although I rarely fish rivers or at extreme distance, so hardly need any more than the rod provides. Damn fine tools.
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    Default Re: Rod feedback Daiwa Torny.

    I have both 10 and 11 ft Touneys. The ten footer is my go to rod and I have easily handled carp to 18lb. The action of the 11ft is if anything softer than its little brother but every bit as strong. I am sure you will enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. Tight lines!

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