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    Default British and International Match Scene

    Why in Britain under match rules your allowed to fish 16 metre poles or longer (if you can afford them).

    But on match scene in Europe and on International matches you restricted to 13m

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    Default Re: British and International Match Scene

    I think a lot of it is down the venues we tend to fish, both now and traditionally. Back in the day when matches were mainly on canals we always caught a lot from the far side. Wagglers were replaced with long poles as technology progressed and then people started digging carp puddles with islands or as snake lakes. Because most people had long poles they were dug with those in mind and I think it has snowballed from there. If uk matches were limited to 13m across the board there would be a lot of people sat with extensions in their bag feeling pretty grumpy about all the fish out of their reach.
    I think the commercial scene hasn't really taken off anywhere else just yet and most canals and natural waterways in Europe are bigger than in the UK so the need to reach far bank features isn't as important.
    Of course many people just don't like change and what has always been the case will always be the case.
    I don't necessarily agree with I it, I think internationally we have the best anglers but I think we're starting to fall behind the rest of Europe because our best guys just aren't fishing the methods they need to be enough where as the Europeans are doing it week in week out. It's been a while since we won a major international event although we're always there or there abouts the more similar to our own fishing the match is the better we do.

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    Default Re: British and International Match Scene

    I think the pole length restrictions came from France originally where their competition angling is all structured under a league system.As you progress through the different leagues they fish longer poles up to the top level "club de France" or something similar from where their International teams are selected.
    The main objection to long poles is cost so the idea was if you fished in a 9.5 metre league everybody was restricted to that maximum to level the playing field and sort the Anglers by ability rather than the depth of their pockets.
    The pole market on the Continent tends to be 13 metres with a few top fives rather than 10 top twos as in the UK because a lot of the big canals and rivers lend themselves to the longer tops by the depth.
    In the UK we have a different route to excluding some anglers who are deemed to be too successful and that is the proliferation of "over 55s" over "60s" "Pensioners invitation" matches which are generally well supported and exclude the youngsters brought up on some commercials who are too fast and brutal to be beaten in a fish race by a lot of the old favourites.
    Sounds harsh but it rings true on many venues.
    There are enough good young allround anglers around the England team to keep them winning for many years yet.

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    Default Re: British and International Match Scene

    The CIPS rules could never be used on commercial fisheries. The pole restriction of 13mtr is just one rule, there are loads. float only with floats not being over shotted,
    No man made baits is another, so no pellets or boilies.
    It used to be that hook baits were not allowed fished over depth, now you can fish over depth so long as not more than 10% of the floats shotting is on bottom.
    No hooked fish can leave your fishing zone, if it enters the next peg the fish will be disallowed.
    There's plenty more.

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    Default Re: British and International Match Scene

    Do EU rules really matter is the question i would want to ask ...

    PG ..
    Theres no dark side of the moon really as a matter of fact its all dark

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    Default Re: British and International Match Scene

    The United Kingdom Disabled Match Fishing Council had an 11.5 metre pole limit, I would say this was to try and enable a level playing field for everyone who could fish a pole, it was strictly enforced, any disputes were solved using a tape measure, And I think the international disabled matches have a similar pole limit,

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