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    Default Whip tip attachment just wondering?

    Just wondering.

    I have an old 4m whip with a plastic fitting on the end, it's designed to take your line then clasp it securely. So with that can in mind could you buy a length of pole elastic to fit on that plastic fitting maybe 3"-6'' to make it better for slightly bigger fish? Or even that red elastic stuff we use to mark lines.


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    Default Re: Whip tip attachment just wondering?

    I'm not sure exactly what benefit such a short length of elastic might provide as it will bottom out pretty quickly.

    When we fished those large matches in Sweden and denmark we woyls use much stronger whips and replace the top section by running either power gum or a strong elastic through the number 2 section.

    The target species then were the large Vederbuk (Ide) and Bream with the occasional Chub putting in an apperance, all well over the 1½ kilo weight, and where smaller fish were rarely caught.

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    Default Re: Whip tip attachment just wondering?

    I get that Peter, just musing mate.

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