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Thread: Box vs Seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markcw View Post
    I would presume the footplate on the Browning would have to be carried separately
    Part of the package is a bag to carry the whole lot.

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    Sounds a similar setup to the maver signature venue seat, that has no footplate but has a bag to carry it,
    and the maver has no backrest, I am thinking of getting the Nufish for the limited amount of river fishing I do
    and also for some venues I use for feeder fishing, My AS1 and Boss box are impracticable sometimes.
    I have a couple of stealthlite chairs but cant get used to sitting in them for long periods.

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    When fishing a lake, of which I am a member, I take a chair AND a box on my trolley. The chair is for lounging about in, having a kip, and attending to a sleeper rod on an alarm and the box is to fish the pole. The pegs at the place are all wide enough to accommodate both seat and box. The chair is a Nash Indulgence Sub-Lo and, with short arms which are invaluable when hauling yourself up, is the best chair I’ve ever owned and the box is a Daiwa plastic jobbie which is basically a Shakey Beta, with Octoplus legs fitted that I got from eBay. Trolley ensures that the walk from car park to peg is virtually effortless.

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    When trotting its just a shoulder bag, mainly for my flask a couple butty's for the day. If I am only fishing for a couple hours terminal tackle in my pockets (shot, hooks etc) plus a small float tube with a couple floats, either a maggot bag around my neck or a bank with a buzzer bar attached bait bucket on one end and rod rest the other. Landing net and rod and reel.

    I have acquired a Shakey Beta box for a fiver which do me if I am going sit, its light enough and water proof.
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    I have a Shakespeare water tank for fishing the rivers, I prefer to stand, I'm going to be honest I struggle to fish sitting down effectively.

    For pole fishing I have a modern box, I'll be honest though I'm getting more and more tempted to make the change to a nice seat to relax in. The competition is about nil in me now many days so I might buy one in the new year
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    My take on it for what it worth.
    First pleasure fishing I take a small rucksack seat but mainly stand when trotting but sit down for a drink and a sandwich.
    The rucksack seat comes in for a side tray if your standing, maybe for a hook wallet or a change bait like a tub of worms Saves me bending down . Maggots are in a bag around my neck.

    Match fishing I carry more gear, all in a carryall bag and have a platform barrow to get from A to B
    The platform comes in as a large tray for your gear or pole seat or just a seat to rest your legs
    It has the added benefit you can set it up in the water, use as a seat or a tray for your gear ,lay your landing net on it and attach a keep net. That's my static approach. It very easy to push over rough river banks (much better than a trolley) and takes 2 mins to set up

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    Default Re: Box vs Seat.

    I don’t match fish any more as I am disabled (cannot walk much more than 100metres without resting, cannot stand still for more than a few minutes) and I need a flat bank or platform for my chair which is an aluminium fold out upright armchair with a 4” firm cushion to raise me up. This means that my thighs are level with the armrests so I can angle the chair to enable me to hold a pole on my lap. Setting up is like a military operation as everything has to be to hand without having to get up. I have a wheeled tool box for reels, bait etc and another box with a removable lid that has a removable inner tray with various spaces for the immediate needs of the day such as feeders, hooks, leads and floats. The boxes stack on top of each other to my right side with a rod pod in between them and the chair to put the rods on when dealing with a landed fish, rebaiting etc. To my left I have a low table for bait boxes which sits nicely at elbow height. Landing net sits on a couple of bank sticks between the table and chair. The whole lot is transported on a trolley. And that’s me....everything to hand....and to get back to the thread subject, it’s a chair for me as I need arms to rest on.

    The table... Luufan Ultralight Aluminum Folding Camping Table, Portable Roll-Up Table with Carrying Bag for Outdoor, Camping, Picnic, Beach, Fishing, Cooking (S-Silver): Sports & Outdoors

    The chair... Marko Outdoor Folding Directors Chair Lightweight Portable Fish Camping Outdoor Seat Side Table: Sports & Outdoors
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