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    Terry Comerford Guest


    River Severn match anglers had various amounts of success targeting barbel with pellet feed and large halibut pellets on hair rigs,this summer.
    Are pellets set to become the new luncheon meat on river matches?

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    I had heard about the pellet winning a lot of matches on the rivers last year. While the meat is a very good bait there is still something about pellets that makes the fish feed a bit longer. Only time will tell if pellets are the number 1 or not.

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    Shrek Guest


    I reckon you'll find it will go the way of all baits and fish will wise up to it eventually, like they have with luncheon meat and sweetcorn on some venues.

    IMHO try something different, or a different approach to it. Coshida Cat Food is also meant to be OK as well, but a bit harder to keep on the hook.

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    in practice sessions i have had good bags of bream and skimmers on baked beens but have not had the confidence to use them in a match

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    Terry Comerford Guest


    Did you fish with the wind in your face Tex?

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    no it was behind me Terry

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    MALC DOYLE Guest


    Nothing new about pellets Terry.

    Back in the 70's i was shown how to fish them on Canal, River and Lakes by my grandad the only things that are new regards pellets is the wider varity we now have to play with.

    There's no such thing as a " NEW BAIT " these days.

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    Terry Comerford Guest


    You're right Malc, I would say every bait and method has been used before.
    I think the angler who refines and improves, is the one that catches more fish.

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    the only new baits that have come out recently have been additives which are suposed to turn fish into eating machiens i have tried them but did not think they made a blind bit of diference have any of you got a good word to say about them

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    Oct 2002


    even the additives are not new, continental style groundbaits have contained additives for as long as I can remember

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