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    Default Float fishing line

    Can anyone recommend a good quality line for general float fishing to catch possibly carp up to 12lbs.
    I seem to be selecting the wrong lines. When I go fishing and cast the line out it seems to lay on the water like a telephone cable. The last line I loaded on the reel was Maxima 8lb. Is this to heavy for float fishing or am I picking a wrong type of line?

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum/madhouse.
    Maxima has a reputation for being thicker and stronger than its stated breaking strain would suggest; nevertheless it wets easily and cuts under the surface sweetly, so as long as you're using a reasonably beefy float (attached bottom only), all should be kushti.

    If Maxima is floating on you, there's a grease problem somewhere (overlubed pickup roller?); running it through a bit of kitchen-roll soaked in washing-up liquid should sort it.

    If you're trying to use a tiny float that gets pulled out of place by the weight and springiness of the line, I'd recommend W.B. Clarke's line in 7.9 or10.1 lb - thin, supple, sinks well if degreased, floats well if polished/greased and generally behaves itself.

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    The problem is more laying on the water in coils and the only way to get it straight is to pull a good length off the reel about twenty or so yards and anchor the reel/rod down and stretch the line through a cloth. Then it's ok for the day. Am I using too heavy a line
    for normal float fishing?

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    Maybe step down in breaking strain. For "heavy" floatfishing this coming summer ive loaded my pin with 6Ib berkley trieline. Use this with a balanced rod, something along the lines of an "avon" or "commercial carp float rod" and you should be ok.

    How are you loading the line onto the reel?

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    Default line choice

    I have experienced similar problems. The trouble is that delicate little floats aren't an ideal combination with 10lb line but with certain techniques I don't neccesarily want to use a bigger float.

    it is strange that the springiness varies between spools of line of the same brand. I don't know the reason for this but it always seems worse with bulk spools of line that I've had for a while so I assume it is either an age issue or maybe something to do with the coils on the bottom of the spool being tighter/compressed.

    I've more or less solved it by using Either Berkeley Triline XL or Krystonite, both of which are fairly supple for their relevant breaking strains, and have a little less memory. The Krystonite has the advantage that it sinks better than a lot of other lines.

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    Thanks very much chaps!
    I had already been looking at Trilene on e bay so I'll downscale the breaking strain and hope I can hang on to anything big!!
    Tight lines

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    I use daiwa sensor or the ultima for all my lines, for normal float fishing I use 4lb mainline with a 3lb 6oz hook link, if I am using a pellet waggler I use a 6lb mainline and a 5lb hook link.

    I have no trouble landing double figure carp on a 13ft match rod and 4lb line.

    Try picking up a 4llb weight with your rod. Now think if you are applying that much pressure when fishing. I think somebody wrote on one thread today that they snapped their rod when pulling with 6lb line.

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    Are you sure you've loaded the line the correct way and not accidently introduced 'coils' in the line??
    If you have wound the line onto the reel(fixed spool)in this way you introduce a twist in the line every time you turn the reel handle once and its almost impossible to get rid of them once done...Roberts Tackle make an item called a Spin Doctor which gets rid of the twist to some extent but really the line needs to be changed.............or am I misreading your thread???

    I use Maxima all the time up to 10lb BS and don't have the problems you outline BUT I do use the above item every 2/3 trips to keep the line free from the dreaded twist.

    I agree your line strength may well be too heavy for float fishing and if I really needed 12 BS for the fish i expected to catch then I would probably do away with a float altogether and use lead or freeline..........but then I don't know all your circumstances..

    What size of fish are you after and what distance are you fishing?

    What sort of baits and at what depth do you expect to find fish??

    I hope this helps!!

    ps i agree with Alan Tyler about treating the line with washing up liquid etc etc.............Maxima is a great line and always works well in snaggy waters etc
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    I use Maxima for my waggler work, but the trouble is when going above 4lb and you are waiting for a bite, it sinks nearly to the bottom, so you can count this out. One of the best lines i have used this year for my heavy stick float barbel fishing has been Ultima Power plus in 6 and 8lb, it is nigh on unbreakable with little stretch, the diameter to BS ratio is by far the best i have seen. I got this quite cheap and i even looked for a better line to no avail, and now have ultimate confidence in it. to get line to sink use a 50/50 mix of washing up liquid and water to ensure it sinks, maxima does sink well through use, yours must have been new for it to float. Mr Sheen is good to make it float.

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    [QUOTE=terryday56;955607]Can anyone recommend a good quality line for general float fishing to catch possibly carp up to 12lbs.

    I'd use 6lb sensor for fish up to that size and bigger. I usually fish straight through to the hook.

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