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    Default Fairly new to this forum lark

    Hello there. Started coarse fishing in the states many years ago. Introduced to a fly rod in 1955 by a late and dear friend long gone on to Angler's heaven where the trout are always taking, but didn't fly fish for my first trout till 1968 and I was hooked. Had a long break from all fishing from 1979-2007, but went back to it in a big way and now I've retired I have the time to devote to it, but no way of getting out to do it. I DON'T DRIVE! My wife does, but is disabled and finds it uncomfortable to even drive me to local waters to fish so I'm hoping a generous forumite who might like a fishing partner from time to time to help an old man out? I have all the gear and tie my own flies and promise not to bore you too much! My main love is fly fishing, but I don't mind coarse fishing and would love to take up saltwater fly fishing. If any one is willing to help please send me a personal message and we can work somehing out? I live in Altrincham, Cheshire (South Manchester area). Tight Lines. Thanks for the suggestion Matthew Barter
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    Welcome to the forum. Not sure I'm the one you are looking for, sadly a drive to Manchester from Oxford is a bit far. Even for me
    I'm sure someone on here will be in touch.
    PaSC Designated On Road Driver

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    Good luck, unfortunately I live in Norfolk. If I might suggest it might be prudent to ask people to PM you rather than send you an e-mail. There might be some juvenile idiot who blocks up your in box. You can edit your post and take your e-mail if you want. I know it shouldn't happen but some people find the most stupid things funny.
    Hope you find someone, if people can help they often do, so good luck.

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    Good luck finding a fishing buddy

    I don't fish up that way myself
    PaSC British by birth, English by the grace of God
    I got the devil in my blood,Telling' me what to do
    (And I'm all ears), Britain's premier bread angler

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    Hifly, Im sure a few of us can accomodate you in the very near future, give me two weeks got a lot on at moment, i assume you can do weekdays
    Perch and tench record holder, and ACA member for twenty years, and Treasurer of P.A.S.C.

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    Default Thanks morespiders

    I'm retired so I've lots of time on my hands. As an astute forumite suggested when you have everything sorted send a pm and we'll sort something out. You are a true gentleman, sir!

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