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Thread: What elastic ??

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    Talking What elastic ??

    hi people,

    I have recently just brought buy new and first pole, a maver match this 4 sx,

    im struggling to think what elastics to use, i know i want hyrdo in my power kits, but what can i use in the top 3's and top 4.

    I think im going to leave the top 4 and use it as a top 3, so in total i will have 7 power kits and 2 top 3's i'm mainly going to be fishing commercials for carp.

    Im going to be using the side pullers also, but what elastics should i use in my top 3's ? i was thinking maybe blue hydro & a pink hydro ? ?

    Also what would you recommend to use in the power kits elastic size's etc ?

    any advice would be much appreciated.

    many thanks in advance matt.
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    Anyone ???

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    I use 12 hollo for smallish carp and 16 for bigger ones.
    I haven't tried Hydro but would imagine it's similar.
    I only put it through the top 2 sections.

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    Hello mate ,what i would suggest is that you remove the number ones from the match kits and then cut the power kits back to the same length you might be worried about losing a bit of length but your elastics will work more efficiently use internal bushes in the tips as well.for example i have 8 top kits ,one is a cupping top,1xpink hydro,1x blue hydro,2xwhite hydro,1xgrey hydro,1xblack hydro,and 1xred hydro,all these are pullers and they cover all of my commercial needs from silvers to carp ,obviously this works for me ,but maybe not for others,but i hope it may help you,by the way enjoy the new pole,i also use maver poles,and love them ,all the best,chef

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    hydro expensive!! but if your going for big carp ok for top 3 on commercial water
    use solid depending on target species anything from 8-16 small fish on heavy elastic can bump off,try middy hi vis original goes upto bungee 24 or preston pure latex.

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