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Thread: Pole advice

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    Looking into getting my first pole. Im looking for a pole that would catch carp up to 15lb plus all the usual suspects (bream,roach,tench). Im a member of a local syndicate in lincoln that has some lovely lakes. 2 of those lakes hold some nice bream and tench and some hard fighting carp. As im very new to pole fishing i havent got a clue on set-up so would appreciate some help. Also a budget of £150 max for my first pole, dont mind second hand. Also what lenght would be an idea starting point?.

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    For that budget you might be advised to stay at around 11 or 12.5m. Longer poles at that price will be heavy and droop. A lot of good fishing can be had from 6 to 11m in the right swims. Get one with a Power Kit and a Match Kit to handle carp and the silvers. Fit the Power Kit with a puller bung for the lumps.

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    In my opinion, you will get a lot of Rubbish Poles for a budget of £150.00p, but, you will get a few good Margin Poles for that Price. That's what i would get, especially for your first Pole, they are usually a little more Robust and easier to handle for beginners. Look for poles by Shimano, Drennan, Middy (do some very good budget poles).

    Chose the right elastics, either doubled up Pole Elastic or Hollow elastics. Don't know anything about Pulla Bungs as i've never used them.

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    As previous, £150 is not a great deal of money to spend on a pole but as it is your first that may be a good thing in a way.
    I started with a 8m pole that cost about £50, which I still have and the experience of banging it about a bit has proved invaluable. I have 3 x 'good' poles now, the dearest was only £700.
    I would opt for a new one as you obviously will not know the history of a used one.
    For £150 you can actually get a pole that will do what you are asking but it will likely be slightly heavier than a more expensive one.
    Having said that - if you learn to fish with a heavy one then when you later progress to a more expensive one you will know how to handle and take care of it.
    Have a look at DragonCarpDirect | Fishing Tackle | Fishing Rods | Fishing Reels | Fishing Deals - you can get a 11m Pole for £49.99 - (Avanti Sledgehammer 11m) or a Silstar 11m Carbodynamic Fishing Pole for £100. I would opt for something like that before shelling out £100's on something you don't really know how to use.
    Setting one up is really easy, after you have done it once! But you will find assistance on many web sites and you tube also has video's of people setting them up.

    Enjoy your fishing!

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    I'd say buy used if it's a first pole. That way, it won't be a disaster if you stand on it . evilBay worth checking. As others say, avoid cheap (less than £200 if buying new) long poles. They're heavy, floppy and generally horrible. Stick to a maximum of 13 metres.

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