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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Tyler View Post
    Do the bream actually stay mid-river when the flow gets heavy?
    I'd always assumed (so often a mistake) that they'd tuck themselves in near the bank...
    here on the lower shannon ive found that the bream dont really move too far or for too long while there's grub to be had, (granted, i like to ball in LOTS of GB) in times past sometimes the weir(parteen weir) Walking our engineering landmarks: Parteen Weir – The Helpful Engineer ) will let some water off at this time of year if there was a lot of rain upstream, and levels can raise and fall by a couple of foot in a couple of hrs, speeding up the flow quite considerably in to the mix, having fished in these conditions many times, there is a lull with the initial influx of water but once it levels off the bream usually came back on the feed, generally in the area im talking about (from 300yds to 800yds downstream of the dam) the river is 140/150yds wide and your fishing a good under arm lob of a big orange size ball of GB distance out, maybe 25/30yrds in avg dept of 20feet of water, i dont know if the dept helps bring the bream back quicker, but i can only talk of my experience here on the lower shannon
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