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    Hi all, i've just aquired a Browning Absolute Power pole 1450 16m , I have what seams 4 top sections with elastic as you can tell i have never fished with a pole but brought it on ebay with a preston seat box ect. Can any body tell me is it a good one ? the elastics are diffrent colours this i think is the strenth? is there a basic dvd on pole fishing? One more question dose anyone know anything about carp kinetics freecast 500 35/90 reels as i have two in a box?

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    carp kinetics freecast 500 35/90 reels - from Dragon Carp Direct I think - not the best but depnds onwhat you what/expect/paid for them

    AS for pole fishing - look up Graham Marsden and Mark Wintle's book on pole fishing - reviewed o nhere or hopefully Mark may give you a few free pointer - tell him you'll buy his and Graham excellent book (well worth the money if you're into/new to pole fishing)

    Mark - over to you - I'm no fan of the pole but that's a personal preference
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    Hi Boogie, I started pole fishing this summer just gone. so here is my total pole knowledge.

    Know nothing about your pole.

    There now seems to be three "weights" of top available. Match (the lightest comes in 3 sections normally but the more expensive poles seem to have match 4s now, the top two sections of a match 3 are telescopic). Power (2 sections). Sooper Dooper 'koff Power (2 setions).

    The tops are elasticated to absord the shock of the fish and to knacker the fish thus facilitating the netting process. Elastics range from very light (1) to massive (20 [might even be 25 now]) and they can be single "strand", hollow, latex, .....

    Each top is rated to a maximum elastic size, match your end tackle accordingly.

    When first fishing the pole use it at short lenghts for small fish, and ship very smoothly, ie small movements. The first couple of times you will think it's all a big mistake. Persevere, it does all come together and occasionally it can be better than a rod.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Boogie
    I started pole fishing about 20 years ago and for general pleasure fishing or match fishing its a brilliant way to fish. If you can get hold of a book called 'My Way With The Pole' by Tom Pickering its great for beginners and experienced anglers alike.
    Don't know anything about your pole but if its fairly new then it should be ok, Browning make brilliant gear so you should have a good one there. Don't be tempted to use the full length straight away, most poles are better balanced without the butt sections, fish at a length where you can hold it comfortably for 5 hours or more.
    Hope it works out for you.

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