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  1. Default Hello from a returning fisherman

    Hi found the forum and thought i'd join and say hello. been about 20 years since I fished I used to every week just for pleasure mostly float and could have a great day even if I didn't catch anything, I always said a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work and the wife has booked us into a caravan site for my 56th birthday which has a couple of lakes so i'm sorted eh?
    just re spooled my reels dusted down my rods and spent a small fortune on some new kit, a mate told me about the "method" fishing which i'm looking forward to trying, any tips gratefully received also got some new floats and baits that weren't about last time I fished .

    Oh and a interesting point I got married on June 16th and have never forgotten our wedding anniversary, 25 years and counting a happy wife means a happy fisherman

    oh and any advice on seat boxes I have one which made of wood by my dad before I was born and it's really heavy and I'm getting too old to cart it about, any recommendations don't need anything too special just somewhere to put my reels and tackle boxes and lightweight
    Cheers in advance
    Eamonn AKA Viscount Orange

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    Default Re: Hello from a returning fisherman

    Welcome, viscount orange.

    I'm sure you'll find some good advice to help answer your queries.
    I may be old, but I ain't dead yet.

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    Default Re: Hello from a returning fisherman

    Hi welcome to fishing magic

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    Howdy. Hope ya catch a few.
    One possible seat box idea. Wheels?
    It's a short life, enjoy every fin

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    The Method,, my friend, you need to get the groundbait right, so here goes, Van Den EYNDE method mix red, split 50 50 with vitalin, add drinking chocolate , birdseed and hemp, with a few tiny Halibut pellets, liquid molasses and water till firm and leave over night with a damp cloth on top, take a rose spray with you and if it becomes dry in the bucket, a couple of blasts. The hooklength no more than 4 inches, bait straight on the hook or hair rigged, corn on a 12, maggot a 16, pellet a 14. Use a heavy feeder rod set at right angles to the water, knock on the baitrunner and never strike no matter how the rod tip bounces, the fish will hook themselves and scream off, good luck. Always keep the line tight and bang about six casts out immediately to carpet the area, you will use a lot of groundbait, make enough.
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