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Thread: Never Fished

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    Default Never Fished

    Morning folks.

    Never fished before and looking to give it ago. My old man is close to retiring and thought it would be something good for us to do to keep him going.

    So a few questions

    What's the best type of fishing for beginners.

    We live by the coast in the North East of Scotland so pier fishing or beach fishing would be easy.

    What sort of basic equipment should we go for.


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    Default Re: Never Fished

    I don 't think there is much coarse fishing in your parts. I think sea fishing would be your best bet as you say. From my very limited experience of sea fishing, I know different rods are used from the beach or a pier. Best bet is to maybe chat with someone fishing a local beach or pier. I am sure they will help.

    When you find somewhere you would like to try, bone up on youtube videos and visit a tackle shop for more advice.

    If you have a rocky coast you could enquire about lure fishing.

    I suspect there will be trout fishing near you which may suit if you want to carry minimal tackle and be flexible with locations to fish. Local knowledge will certainly help.

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