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    Hello folks, I used to be FM member a good few years back but I've not done much fishing or been on the site for ages, so had to register again, so I already know what a great site it is.

    Anyhow my father-in-law has decided, (after borrowing a few books off me and watching Total fishing) thats he's going to take up fishing now that he's semi retired and so I am tasked with getting him set up. I don't mind this as it'll give me an excuse to start fishing, I just know its only going to take one trip to river to get the bug back again, fortunately I have kept hold of all my gear.

    So I will be posting a thread on the classifieds for anybody who has any gear they need to sell, I've kitted him out with a rod, and chair and am currently high bidder on a reel on ebay but need most other things. Fishing wise if I have my way we will be mostly going the river (dove) after chub and barbel, and maybe the odd visit to the commercials so this is the tackle I'm looking to get him kitted out with

    Oh and I will be getting him set up as a fishing magic member naturally


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    Hello Guild,

    Welcome back again to the Marvels of FishingMagic.

    Feel free to ask any questions, or, to just join in a topic of current conversation.

    Tight Lines.

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    Hello guild,im sure you will be hooked again in no time

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    welcome back Guild.

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    Welcome back to FM and fishing

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    Welcome back Guild.
    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

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