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    Default cane and pin angler

    hi, every body; im geoff ,is there any true traditional anglers left alive out there.looking for fishing buddies who share my love of traditional angling ,i .live close to the river itchen in hampshire,fished it for 50 years and its still beats the avon or stour for big chub,roach.and the odd a total purist,no boilies,hair rigs,carbon,and all the modern rubbish for me.any like minded souls out there,then please contact me.tight lines.chubman

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    Hello Chubman and welcome to FM.

    I still fish cane and centrepin, although not exclusively, but you will find a fair few here on FM who share a love of traditional fishing methods.

    We have an FM annual day on the Lower Itchen fishery, usually in February that you might be interested in joining for next year.

    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

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    "and all the modern rubbish for me."...................GOOD JOB IM BEHAVING
    two wrongs dont make a right but three rights make a left !

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    Welcome aboard. But 'rubish'? :-) Don't you think Walker and Co would have been using carbon rather than cane? I use a pin with a carbon rod and the combination is fantastic
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    Welcome to FM.

    Everything has its place. If he wants to fish with the equivalent of a couple of pounds of wood and metal, good luck to him. Us older ones have all done it. My first pole was made from tonkin cane, weighed in at about 4lb and was 17 feet long. Persopnally, I don't get any pleasure these days by burdening myself with extra weight and a few ounces of carbon rod coupled with a nice lightweight pin suites me fine,

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    Hello Chubman, I'm afraid it's pin and carbon for me too. It is all very personal but surely if cane etc is better then shouldn't you be posting your thread via royal mail (or whatever they're called now)
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