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    They are so hard to locate, but when you do, and you feed the swims, you can be rewarded by arm wrencheng takes from fish like this. Would like to hear from other Upper Severn anglers.

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    Cracking Upper Severn chub Darren. I'm really envious of that one. Well done mate.

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    Cheers Graham. Do you have any views on the state of the upper reaches of the Severn, compared to the plentiful catches of 15 years ago? The fish are still there to be caught, but it seems location is the key to success. Because the fishing can be rock hard, a lot of anglers are put off and retreat to the ponds & lakes to catch fish.

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    EC Guest


    Not to mention the 90 minute drive!

    Well done Darren, I have had a few fish from the Albebury area in years gone by, nothing of that size mind, but it is hard going, especially when your fishing time is limited!

    I used to average a fish every 2 trips or so!

    Still, it is a big achievement when you catch in that area of the Severn, which stretch roughly were you on mate?

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    Normally I fish the stretches between the road side cafe past Llanidloes up to Llandinum. Tell you what, you did very well to catch every 2 trips mate. I must admit that I have been exceptionally lucky this year in that my catch rate is now 1 chub per session. 17 chub so far with 10 over 5lb. I am currently working on my notes prior to submitting an article on the joys and frustrations of fishing the wild upper Severn.

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    Darren, I haven't fished the upper Severn for about 4 or 5 years. The journey to past Welshpool got a pain in the arse, and although the Ribble is almost as far the Ribble chub are a lot more plentiful and therefore easier to catch.

    The upper Severn went into serious decline when the weed died away. Up to that point there were a lot more barbel coming on nicely and more bigger chub. Now, it's a case of finding the odd hot-spot (that might just hold one or two big chub) and hoping they're still there each time you go.

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    EC Guest


    I havent fished the upper river for a few years mate, but my fish were all 4lb+ stamp, had nowt approaching 5, but that was a good while back, could be that like other rivers the fish are paking it on!

    Thats some serious stats you are talking there Daz, 10 fish over 5 is top drawer from any river mate!

    I once had a day when I had two at 4+ in a session, I was bouncing, but none of my mates ever fancied it as it was such a trek (from Merseyside) for often little return!

    Whose stretch of water is it Daz?

    The stretch I used to fish was WAA!

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    LDAA stretch & Severnside are best in my opinion Ed, but I feel I shall be venturing elsewhere until Winter arrives. Need to find some barbel action!!

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    EC Guest


    I have limited time now mate, so am venturing more on to the middle river to be honest, blanks are fine when you get out quite a lot and have a travel partner, but when the time becomes limited a more safe bet is the tune of the day for me at least!

    Drop us a line via email if you are looking at anywhere in particular and i'll see if I can help,



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    Albert Watkinson 2 Guest


    in the 80s i had a newsagents business at
    llanidloes and fished from there down to newtown.when i retired i had a bungalow at llandinham and trotted under the bridge for grayling.lovely for supper.under the bridge at caersws was my chub haunt and had some good days there on the that time i should say they were in the 3lb class but happy days.i came back to cheshire to be near the family and get back on the dane.

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