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Thread: Your 1st Twenty

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    Jack Pike Guest


    Well done Dave on your first twenty what a magical fish . I am still after my first twenty but in no rush

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    The Monk Guest


    well done Dave, first twenty is always a landmark, (bloody pictures didnt come out on mine)

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    jason fisher Guest


    can't really comment as my first 20 was also my first pike, but i do remember the feeling when she slipped over the net, there's not much that beats it.

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    David Marrs Guest


    Many thanks guys for the kind words, apologies I haven't even looked in the FM gallery for quite some time and didn't see your posts!

    I've been close to 20lb and thought I've broken it so many times only to miss out by mere ounces so I had initially set myself up for another 'near' miss. When I put the Pike in the weigh sling and the scales went straight to 21lb 7oz I knew I'd done it!!! I just recall having a bit of a giggle, then of course the lamprey rod went.....

    It was a great feeling to get a 20 and certainly one I'll never forget. My first double came in 93 so it's been a comin'!!!

    Cheers guys,

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    madpiker Guest


    well done david,it looks like a nice conditioned fish too.

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