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Thread: BJ Bite Alarms

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    The Monk Guest


    Someone asked about the BJs, the BJ Alarms were the first type of alarm based on the Heron priciple, to come without leads and a box. It was probably around the mid 70s that they made an appearance

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    paul williams 2 Guest


    and VERY unreliable they were too!!....i had three and changed the contacts for GPO types and replaced the original antennae with a T type.......still totally unreliable but what cred!!!!........or was it Herons i did this to!!??? look what youve done Monk!!

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    The Monk Guest


    It would have been the Herons Paul, we all started robbing telphone boxes when we found out about the GPO contacts (I guess Ed would have been in his element)

    Del Romang coverted my Herons and he did an absolutely fantastic job by taking the anntenae round the body and in through the side casing, thus no water would enter the innards from above. We did have problems with the BJs too of course, but to be able to use a buzzer without a box and wires had certain advantages, particulary for the waters I was fishing at the time, which required positioning the front rests in the water, thus a box and wires would have got in the way. I also tried some of the watchman indicators, these were ideal for eels and pike but no good for carp because once the line had pulled away from the contacts, the buzzer continued to scream, and if you remeber in the 70s when everyone and his dog got onto the mass and particle bandwaggon, the carp suddenly stopped running and started twitching and it remainded like that until my mate Ron developed the bold rig, when we got the carp back running again.

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