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Thread: Nice Ferrets

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    The Monk Guest


    Buy one get one free?

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Excellent mate, my old mans got a few.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    Jeepers, how many kits is that from one litter??

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    two litters baz,not one got to jills that live together and both conseaved at same time ,birthed at same time and shared dutys when it came to looking after young.

    monk,sold em all to local pet shop for 15 quid each!!!!
    worth a bloody fortune round our way at minute, new designer pet or somthing like that!!

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    more pictures of fish and ferrets comming, when i down load em!
    got 6x ferrets in total 3x workers and 3 x ''pets''.

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    also keep staffords,got a beautiful male 5 years old black brindle and two bitches,
    also our lass has got a f***kin boxer,what a bloody loon that is!!
    will post pic of male stafford, gorgeous ,qualified for crufts then got chucked at final line up cos of a lost tooth!

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    Crufts is for humans mate and not dogs. It's a bluddie farce at times.

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    to right Baz,given up dog showing now as if you weren't a known face,or licking the judge's arse in some way you just didn't seam to get anywhere.
    Anyway i get far more pleasure from enjoying my dogs for what they really are, and not from the egotistical world of the dog fancier!

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    I saw Crufts one year mate, where the judge announced the winner. Later on in an interview he was asked why he chose that particular dog.

    His answer was that he used to have one and they are his favourite.

    The only thing these judges are good at is walking backwards away from the winner and then a sudden rush forwards as they point it out.
    I used to do the obedience trials. Far too much human error in it on the part of the judges for my liking.
    You know if your dog has slipped up or not don't you?
    My dog was down to loseing only one or two points on a regular basis.
    One day, just because I happened to be the first to be judged out of about fifty contestants the judge gave me twenty faults. Bollox!! no way. But they have to start somewhere with their marking don't they?

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    you seen pic of my dog on gallery Baz?
    best goddam bivvie alarm going!

    un-fortunatly , showing was much as u discribe trials Baz but worse in a sense,
    simply because if you were not a known breeder or ex-champ who everybody new and loved then you could forget winning any serious shows!

    not many dogs win these shows it was all to-do with who was showing the dog not the dog itself,
    which in my eyes was compleatly wrong when you consider they are supposed to be dog shows!
    NOT dog handler shows!

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