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    we hav'nt got much in the way of potential record fish sites but its got to be said,the wear is top of the tree when it comes to big nets of massive dace.

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    Very impressive Simon.

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    Only ever had two dace over 1lb in my life but caught a few recently to 12oz. Those Wear dace are stunners. Well done!

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    1 lb plus dace are probably the rarest specimens of all.

    Go and fish hard and you just might break a record. The last two weeks of the season is the time.

    I have some good dace here on the Rother and I have them marked down when the river drops and it stops raining.

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    DAN. Guest


    great dace !!!

    but why have the picture cut ?

    is it becouse the police have you in hand cuffs ?
    your not a fish theif are you ?


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    you havnt mentioned the one where you were kissing it karl,looked like an ant eater!

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    Fantastic fish!

    The Wear does seem to produce big dace in numbers, as did the Eden and the Tees in the 80's, although most of my biggest dace have come from chalkstreams.

    It would be interesting to know how old these Wear fish are, in terms of whether they are getting large by growing slowly and living longer, or if they are fast growing young fish.

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    Superb dace! Well done, so that's what a 1lb+ looks like.

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    hi stuart,that fish that karl caught on sunday was a battered old fish,but most of the other big dace ive had over the last few years have been in pristean condition.i'd like to add, ive now had 16 over the magic mark by design.
    i dont think for one minute that they will start to die out due to old age.

    there is one worrying factor...the black death! yes they are starting to feed in two's on my beloved stretch of the wear and some of the dace they are swollowing are record beaters. i wish they wer'nt in the town centre for obvious shooter needs a fix!

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