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    Here are the pictures, but I'll let Adrian and Wendy tell the story.

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    Shrek Guest


    All this came about after chatting to Wendy about her fly fishing in Scotland and she mentioned how much she wanted to fly fish again, so we managed to get Graham to tag along and off we went to Ellerdine.

    The plan was to meet up at a Transport Cafe for breakfast but this nearly went awry after Wendy had to give her "bitch in a box" a good slap as it sent her the wrong way (that's her story anyway).

    Still, we got to the fishery to be greeted by snow falling heavily.

    We chatted to the owners who said that the fish were in the top 3 feet of water, which was surprising considering the weather, and were catching on blood worm patterns.

    We duly relieved the shop of a few fly patterns, tackled up and away we went.

    Wendy was having a few casting problems which Graham and I tried to sort out with limited success. Then the owner came wandering out and managed to get Wendy putting out a decent line.

    The facilities at the site are very good. Free tea and coffee in the lodge, which was very welcoming on the day, proper toilets, not just a bucket in a shed, and a fairly well stocked tackle shop.

    We even managed to bag a bowl of beef stew, which was more than enough to put hairs on your chest!!!!

    The day ended for me with 4 fish on the bank, 2 lost and countless missed. Graham had caught two, although tried to make out he'd had more and little Wendy was fishless. However, as I was putting everything back into the car, there were whoops of delight and Wendy had caught her first Rainbow Trout.
    Pictures were taken, but I don't seem to remember the fish being as big as they are in Graham's picture. Perhaps the cold has affected my memory.............!!!

    It was a very good day and I'll definitely be going back there in the spring.

    Lastly, if Graham ever mentions to you that he loves fishing in the snow, NEVER GO WITH HIM if there is the remotest chance that there might be a flake or two of the white stuff. We all had horrendous journeys home, mine taking 4 hours.

    Still, I'd gladly do it all again as much for the company as the fishing.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    Glad you all had a good day.

    Wait while Wendy come to Press Manor. I'll make sure she beats all of you.

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    They never told me there are two A41 and my bitch in box sent me on my way to chester!!!
    After umpteen phone calls i met them at the truck stop cafe and we all laughed about it.

    As we approached the lake it was just starting snow i said to Graham "i've always wanted to fish in the snow" then we booked in and Ed the owner told us what flies were catching, i couldn't wait to fly fish again.
    Adrian helped me set my rod up and i was ready for anything!

    As adrian said my casting was horrible to begin with and try as they may i kept on flicking that wrist. I tried to remember what i'd been taught in Scotland pretend to have a book under your arm and you can't drop it!!! Anyway Ed came out and said try putting your butt in your sleeve, well i had it off to a tee then.

    The facilites at the lake are fantastic i would definatley be going back there!

    Adrain was catching plenty and graham had a few i was getting frustrated thinking why am i not getting anything i was doing exactly the same.Adrian announced he was off home and we said we were gonna give it another half hour. Graham said "shall we have a coffee first" "yeah my hands felt like they were bleeding i said" As i was reeling in very fast i had a take i was very happy shouted Adrian and back he came to say well done!

    After our coffee Graham and i went back for another half an hour and wow it was fantastic i had two more fantastic fish out and i got to take them home and sell them to my fishmonger.

    When i set off for home graham and i said to be careful to each other as it was snowing very, very heavy i was a bit dubious and thought how silly i was to be still there, but i suppose we are all the same and going fishing is staying fishing!
    You lot know what i am like for having that last cast!!!!

    5 hours later i arrived home i think i cried most of the way and i have vowed i will never ever do that again!!

    I tried to get in touch with Graham but i have found out this morning his battery had died, and that what should have taken him 40 min journey ended up 4 hours too, and he had a bump in his car and it has really shaken him up.

    Today i am aching in every part of my body probably brought on by the casting and digging myself out with my bare hands in a snow storm!

    But apart from the journey home i had a fantastic day and can't wait to do it again!! (without the snow) ))

    Graham and Adrian thank you both for a lovely day

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    I had to think for a while what the "bitch in a box" was. It suddenly dawned on me that Adrian wasn't actually referring to Wendy and her car!

    I'm off, quick.

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    Malc don't get me swearing and getting into trouble again!

    I'm just learning to become a bitch in a box

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    "I'm just learning"

    Thats not what Paul said.

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    Wendy, Graham and Andy,

    I must say you are either very brave or barking mad (I assume the second lol).....All I can say well done to all of you, sounds like you had a great day, despite the snow.


    Even I knew what the 'bitch in the box' meant lol

    sis...keep on learning to become one...practise make perfect but you still got a long way to go before reaching my 'bitch' standard lol ;-)....they call me Mrs Biatchi' ;-)

    BTW sis....bought my new car today, going to pick it up on thusday, no more starting problem ;-) thing will be 'a bitch in the box' than I can come and visit you ;-) to fish your river

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    Nice one guys, looks like it was a great day to be out and even better that you caught!

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    Oh and Wendy, great hat!

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