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    Well done Wend, lovely fish. See, just one chat with your hero the Mattster and it's like magic!

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    Is she good or just bloody lucky? Last week she gets an 8lbs bream this week a 10lbs barbel, what next???
    It aint fair!!!!
    She's going to end up with her own TV show at this rate!

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Well done Wendy,is that your first Barbel?

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    Magic fish from a proper river well done.

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    No Fred i had one other magical barbel, on the Dove my first ever trip to a river with Graham as my teacher. He taught me well see, everything that anyone has ever told me i have taken in and i am putting to use now.

    Matt gave me some advice on Fri night which wasn't how to catch the fish, but where a likely barbel swim would be, when there isn't any over-hanging trees.So i read the river basically before i started.

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    Stevie 12345 Guest


    I think that is a fantastic fish, well done, I dont believe much in luck- you make your own.

    River fishing is certainly not my forte, but this certainly makes me want to have a chuck.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Congratulations Wend, anther cracker, you'll be running out of species soon )

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    Deepest admiration. Actually the comment on a TV show/or a column in a decent Fishing journal isn't a bad idea. Bout time the male domination in these areas was broken.

    He is every other inch a gentleman.

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    Paul watch this space

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    Great fish Wendy!

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