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Thread: Sea fishing!

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    My first sea trip out and i had an awesome time. I caught this beautiful hunk of a fish, weighing in at 9lb 11oz! I also had a 4lb pollack on the day.

    I loved Sea fishing, but i'm still trying to get my land legs back!

    Ooops i forgot to add the pic!

    Erm... Graham what do i do now

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    Wendy, that's a cracker! Where were you fishing?

    Don't worry - you'll get your land legs back soon. I'm off on a boating holiday for two weeks next weekend. It takes a while to get back to normal after time afloat!

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    Cakey Guest


    Wendy thanks for sending me the piccy..... superb fish but you really should cut out the background to keep location a secret

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    hahahaha cakey i love you!

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    Well done lil's a cracking bass....hope you released it though? :-0

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    It's here

    You know how I feel already, Wendy. GRRRRRRRRRR!

    Belter though, init? How are you going to cook it? Barbequed with lemon, or steamed with ginger and onions and hot sesame oil poured over after?

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    "you really should cut out the background to keep location a secret"

    She is silly, Cakey. She put a cross on the side of the boat so she would know the spot again.

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    Woodyyyyyyyy shut up you realize how many yrs it took for that bass to grow to that size? can't just slap it on bbq WEND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME YOU RELEASED THE BASS

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    Superb Bass Wendy, well done. As Claudia says, they are very slow growing fish and to land one of just short of double figures is no mean achievement.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Nothing wrong with taking it for the pot. It may be reching the end of its life anyway.

    Then there's the matter of how deep was it caught? Too deep and it's swim bladder may have blown, might not fully recover anyway.

    Not got to be too sentimental over these things. A trawlerman wouldn't think twice, good cash catch and tasty with it.

    The old saying "there's plenty more fish in the sea" is true, albeit a lot are threatened now, but more by excessive trawling than catches on rod and line.

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