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Thread: fish kits

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    Cakey Guest


    my local shop doing fish kits........


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    MarkTheSpark Guest


    How bizarre. Mind you, Aldi also have their equivalent of the Pike and Carp kit, based on refurbished Russian cameras.

    They're called the Pikey and **** kits...

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    The Monk Guest


    haha, nice one Mark, although I used a Zenith E for many years in my teens, a very solid made camera which would take a few knocks and always came up with good photographs, indeed for many years I also used a Russian microscope, very basic compared with my Nikon, but still a good workhorse

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    The Monk Guest


    I also had a LADA Carpmobile, it was one of the few cars which I could fished the Manchester park lakes with which would still be there the following morning

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