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    Evan NotMightyAtAll Guest


    My dear old Dad bought this beastie in Singapore back when I was just born - and the quality of the lens is demonstrated by its ability to survive taking baby pics of me without shattering.

    Seriously, damn brilliant lens, and a wonderful old camera which the old boy loves dearly..... and I'm pretty fond of too, took many of my earliest and best black and whites.

    Except. The selenium 'ring through line' light meter still sort of works, but is two stops out. While it is possible to compensate for this by setting the speed ring to lower ASA settings than the actual speed of the film I'd really like to get it fixed for the old boy if I can so as to be able to re-present it to him in fully working and serviced order for his next birthday.

    But. Not much joy finding anyone in the UK on Google or otherwise with a decent rep for being able to deal with Voigtlander repairs or selenium cells in general let alone at a less than breathtaking quote......

    So.... anyone got a decent link or contact to a voigtlander enthusiast or repairer ? Pretty please ?

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Why not join on ThinkCamera and ask there, Evan.

    It's a rare item these days and I doubt very much you will find anyone, but maybe some enthusiast who does it in his spare time might catch sight.

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    Keith Williams Guest



    Give Ray a call at Newton Ellis & Co

    29, Cheapside, Liverpool, Merseyside L2 2DY
    Tel: 0151 2361391

    hes a man who will know

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    The Welsh Windbag Guest


    Just caught your reply Keith, missed it when you posted it, andthanks.

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    Oct 2002
    on stage


    The Voigtlander was a leading camera in its day, indeed many top photographers used it
    Ageing rock guitar hero

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    Cakey Guest


    its wasted in the windbags hands now !

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    Keith Williams Guest


    Ooh! handbags at dawn Now I reckon!

    Tut Tut..... such harsh remarks !

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