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  1. Default Geminid meteorites tonight

    Anyone out tonight to try and capture the Geminid meteorites ? The conditions are ideal here in Whitley Bay at the moment,clear skies and a new moon. Its below freezing now though so lens condensation will have to be checked on at regular intervals.

    Its not an exact science but between 1am and 3am may be the optimum time. I will be parked up in Whitley Bay Lighthouse car park watching developments with the heater and radio on :-) Anyone want to join me ?

    Good shooting to anyone else who is planning a trip out tonight.

    2012 Geminid Meteor Shower Set to Peak between December 13 and 14 - International Business Times

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    Default Re: Geminid meteorites tonight

    Too damn cloudy here to see anything.

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    Yet again was thwarted by cloud in this mornings attempt to photograph meteorites The Geminid meteorite shower was due to peak at 2/3am this morning. Arrived along at St Marys Island car park just before midnight and it looked promising.

    Decided not to set up my gear until there were a few every minute showing up. I did see a few before about 12.30am when "BLANKET CLOUD" rolled in !!!!!!!
    !!!!!! Gave up the ghost at 03.30 and drove back home.

    Have been lucky enough to photograph lightening strikes and the Aurora Borealis but to get photographs of meteorites seems to be my nemesis. The same thing happened this year with the Perseids and Leonids displays. Oh well there is always next time I suppose

    Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

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    Default Re: Geminid meteorites tonight

    I had a look outside. Unfortunately, the same as it had been for the entire day, it was foggy.

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