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    I do a lot of roaming with a minimum of fishing tackle and don't want tolug a large DSLR around with me, does anyone know of any decent compact digital cameras(6 megapixels or more) which I can put in one of my pockets or in a pouch on my belt that has the facility to take pictures using wireless technology? for around the £200 to £350 mark?

    Iknow the DSLR's have this facility but as I said I want a small compact with this facility.

    I'm getting a bit fed up with the remote exposure going off without me being ready just when the fish decides to start wriggling about. [img]/forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]
    Happiness is fish shaped (It used to be woman shaped but the wife is getting on a bit now)

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    Cakey Guest


    Im looking for the link (where is Graham when you need him ?)

    weve got addon radio control and its less than £20

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    Sean Meeghan Guest


    Keith, I've had this problem and solved it by taking multiple shots on the shutter delay. Most compacts have the facility to vary the length of the delay and to take multiple shots at, say 10 second intervals. To be honest this is nearly as good as a remote and you don't have the problem of putting it in your mouth or standing on it or whatever your strategy is to hide it.

    I use a Canon A640, which has a fold out screen 10 Mp and is nice and compact

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    Cakey Guest

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