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    Default Being in The Zone - Think Like a Fly

    Great sportsmen experience it - seeing cricket balls the size of a football slowing from a real 90mph to an unmissable snail's pace. I've experienced it when playing Squash and Racquets in the past, experienced - experience - it - can even summon it sometimes - when fishing, especially fly fishing and other mobile / active / casting forms of fishing - being in the zone, with time slowing and everything crystal clear and possible - indeed, with failure seemingly impossible - and the catching of fish a brief, trance-like, apparently all-knowing, magical-mystical thing.

    I realise now that I have merely been thinking like a fly (not good, I know, but at least better I suppose than thinking like a troll).

    Time passes more slowly for flies, study finds | Science |
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    Default Re: Being in The Zone - Think Like a Fly

    Interesting article which I was just discussing with colleagues probably obvious that this would be the case for different species if you think about it , for instance look at the inhuman speed of a dogs bit reflex which you can test using an ordinary tennis ball.

    Playing oneself in , being match fit are all phrases used to descibe being in the zone truthfully I have never achieved that while fishing but I know I absolutely have when a member of an online Unreal Tournament "clan" playing about 5 hours a week in a , fledgling , video games league in the nineties.

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    Default Re: Being in The Zone - Think Like a Fly

    Something I experienced whilst fielding in the slips in particular,and some of my caught and bowled wickets.
    The ball caught firmly in the hand..... sticking like flypaper!!

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