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    Default First Look At A New Action Camera - The AlcovePro 4K Cine!

    The First Review Of This Action Camera!

    The developer of the AlcovePro 4K Cine is Alan Teitel – a 2 time Emmy Award Winner. Alan's work with slow motion cinematography has motivated the start of this action camera company. What drew my attention to Alan's company is his approach to stabilization & noise reduction without having to spend a bundle in accessories. Also his iconic approach in slow motion technology.

    Being a simple cinematographer i stick to what i know. If you can stabilize your shots with high quality definition & eliminate unwanted background noise then your viewers will enjoy their viewing pleasure. I'm still learning by recently upgrading my equipment to studying video editing. With AlcovePro i hope to offer better videos to watch.

    2.45" LCD Touch Screen but only 3.1oz.
    170 •
    Wide Angle.Built in WiFi.
    Ultra-slow motion capture.
    Multiple internal microphones.
    Smartphone app.
    2 1000mAh batteries.
    External lavalier mic for vlogging.
    HDR 10 (High Dynamic Range) for enhanced image quality.
    Sony 12MP IM377 image sensor.
    HDMI Output.
    Water proof w/case to 90ft.

    Shooting Modes-
    Normal Video
    Video Lapse
    Slow Record
    Normal Photo
    Photo Lapse
    Burst Mode
    Car Mode
    Timer Photo
    Video & Photo

    Video Modes-
    4K(3840x2160) / 30fps (UHD16:9)
    4K(2880x2160) / 30fps (4:3)
    2.7K(2704x1520) / 30fps (16:9)
    2.7K(2704x2028) / 30fps (4:3)
    1440(2560x1440) / 60fps (16:9)
    1440(2560x1440) / 30fps (16:9)
    1440(1920x1440) / 60fps (4:3)
    1440(1920x1440) / 30fps (4:3)
    1080(1920x1080) / 120fps (HD 16:9) UltraSlo Slow Motion
    1080(1920x1080) / 60fps (HD 16:9)
    1080(1920x1080) / 30fps (HD 16:9)
    1080(1440x1080) / 120fps (4:3) Ultra Slo Slow Motion
    1080(1440x1080) /60fps (4:3)
    1080(1440x1080) / 30fps(4:3)
    720(1280x720) 240fps (16:9) Ultra Slo Slow Motion
    720(1280x720) / 120fps (16:9) Ultra Slo Slow Motion
    720(1280x720) / 60fps (16:9)
    720(1280x720) / 30fps (16:9)

    There's so much information regarding this action camera that i'd run out of space providing it. So i just listed what i felt is the most important. I'm only now well enough from pneumonia to try this unit in the field. The local weather has been bad so not missing out on much. I plan on using this unit at night to see how the the nocturnal resolution is. I'm happy how well the external lavalier vlogging mic works. Also that the external mic was a free accessory as well.

    I did have to purchase my own micro sd card and a GoPro style headband. Also headband LED lights for night videos. This is not a simple point & shoot unit. You really have to read the instructions on how to re-format the sd card to understanding the shooting modes. I found this camera to be on par with my latest GoPro on many levels though not as expensive. It does accept many GoPro style accessories as well.

    For those that desire a quality action camera that does deliver high resolution pics & vids you may want to give a serious look at this unit. I do own cheaper point & shoot units that's easier to use so you just need to figure out what's best for your needs.

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    Default Re: First Look At A New Action Camera - The AlcovePro 4K Cine!

    For a camera of this price point, it's pretty amazing. The fact that it has both H264 and H265 codecs is unheard of. H265 is the newest and best video compression codec btw. The image stabilization inside this camera is amazing as is the lens--its field of view is great

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