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Thread: Tripod thread

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    I’m pretty sure this isn’t the best place for this thread so mods please feel free to move, though I really don’t know the best place to post this even if there is one.

    My question, camera equipment mounting thread for consumer equipment is fairly standardised as 1/4-20 UNC thread I think, which I also think is similar to 1/4 BSF thread.... Though I don’t know how similar.

    Fishing bank sticks etc are 3/8 BSF, I think.... are adaptors readily available from camera fitting to fishing fitting or am I going to have to go begging to a machinist at work?
    A quick google search has proved fruitless.

    Basically I have a couple solid camera tripods going spare and if I could get a converter for a couple quid then they would make a great rod stand/pod on hard standing if I could fit buzz bars and rod holders.

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    You will need

    1 x 1/4bsf Straight though threaded fitting

    1 x 1/4bss to 3/38 bsf male to femamale

    brass or stainless .... try R S components
    Trust me I’m an Engineer

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    Or one of these.
    Gardner Camera Adaptor

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    Quote Originally Posted by seth49 View Post
    Or one of these.
    Gardner Camera Adaptor
    The female version of that is exactly what I need. I think two item solution suggested by Chrissy is going to be my best bet unless I get a couple made up.

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