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    Default Which camera

    Going to treat myself to a new dvslr camera to take scenic shots whilst fishing and hopefully some self images of my catchers, any recommendations somewhere in the £300-£350 price range........cheers

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    For that kind of price range, Canon 400 D if you can still get them. Another £20 for wireless remote control. Should come with standard lense 35-70 mm. Has built in flash.
    Most guys on here go or Nikon, beter built than Canon but pricey.

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    You might want to consider something like the Fiji S200EXR.

    It's only problems being that you're looking at a screen within the viewfinder and not real life and it's a bit slower (not much) at taking the shot. That apart, you'll never need any other lenses and they do take very nice pictures, you wouldn't tell them apart from a Nikon or Canon.
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