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    Davy North Guest


    My dear old Auntie brought my attention to this one, as I missed it, I wondered if anyone else had seen the news item. However I think it may just have been a local NE news thing.

    I don't really have to go into detail because you'll know the kind of story. This lake had been terrorised by a "HUGE" pike, of course it's always only one. This monster was eating "ALL" the ducks. Not to mention taking the odd nibble at kiddies fingers.

    Strange that no dogs were mentioned, can't have been much of a pike if it only attacked kids and ducks?

    Anyway for some reason the lake had been drained and the monster was found dead! The reporter apparently said they didn't know why it had died, maybe old age or over feeding (maybe it had been snaffling a few dogs on the side). No one seemed to think it might have been because the pond had been drained!

    The body was then displayed, with close ups of the jaws and teeth.
    When I asked my aunt haw big it was she only held her hands about three feet apart. As I said I missed the item, but maybe the monster wasn't so huge after all. I tried to tell her that it was a load of ****, but unfortunatly the answer I got was "oh no, it was on the telly".

    Joking aside these stories get my back up, and I 'm sure other pike anglers as well. It's all very similar to the story about the duck eating catfish a few months back. They don't do the image of these fish any good at all.
    I have mentioned before that in my area since the Tees barage was put in pike have started to show in good numbers on the lower river. We've already had clubs change their rules to let anglers kill pike. We have also had people carring out their own private culls, these are matchmen, to protect "their" fish stocks. To be honest there are some very stupid people around.

    All we need now is the cry to go up "will some body think about the ducks!".

    I just thank God that the film about a man eating pike never came to fruition.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    There have been a couple of these stories over here (E.Ang...) over the last few years. One "beast" terrorising a pub's garden pond turned out to be around 2lbs when it was finally brought to book.

    There was also a famous one at some pub near Sutton Bridge a few years back, all the local pikers tried to catch this monster. Eventually the local kids nailed it (all 8lbs of it...) with half a brick.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    There is a water close to where I live that has an infamous pike known as the 'duck guzzler'. From what I can see, and I've tried to be open minded and rational, it's simply a ploy to attract more day ticket pikers to the water.
    Which brings me on to another point, has anyone actually seen a pike take a duck? I'm not doubting that ducklings get taken, but I have never seen anything like that, so I assume it's not a common thing....Duck Guzzler?...nah, just a commercial ploy to make more money....

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I've seen a duckling taken by what could only have been a pike a couple of times.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    But what about a full grown duck? Anyone seen that?

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    Davy North Guest


    There's a photo in one of John Bailey's book's of a pike attacking an adult coot. And according to John Wilson's book on pike, fish of 20lb can take a fully grown malard.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Stewart, there was a 33 pounder found dead on my local water with a full grown mallard stuck in its jaws....d'oh!

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I've only ever seen one occasion where a pike has taken a water bird. It was a mallard ducking down the River Leam about 4 years ago.

    I'e caught a rainbow trout with a 6 inch water snake in it's gut. And a brown trout with a rat in it.

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    Simon Asbury Guest


    Fished Llangorse lake in South Wales at the weekend. In the `Boathouse` bar at `Lakeside` they had got newspaper articles from 1999 of a water skier that had been bitten on the foot by a pike as he had gone into the water. The scars were not to pretty and apparently the pike attempted to pull him under as it locked onto his foot.

    Caught a 16lber once with a mouth full of feathers no sign of the bird though.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    That was in the Daily Telegraph:

    A WATER-SKIER was nursing a badly injured foot yesterday after being bitten by a pike in a Welsh lake.
    Darren Blake was treading water when the predator, estimated to be up to 5ft long, attacked. He felt himself being pulled into the Llangorse lake, in the Brecon Beacons, before the pike bit him, leaving an inch-long gash on the ball of his foot and six V-shaped toothmarks on his sole. The Llangorse skiing club has now issued a warning to its 80 members about the fish.

    Mr Blake, 31, said yesterday: "Now I know how those people feel when they get bitten by a shark. I was in terrible pain, but mostly it was the shock of something trying to eat me. I can't tell you how terrifying it is when something grabs you from under the water."

    Mr Blake, from Lichfield, Staffordshire, said: "I am hobbling around at the moment, but I am just glad to have my foot in one piece - that fish could have killed someone with a weak heart."

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