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Thread: Loch Ken

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    Stuart Butcher Guest


    Can anybody give me any advice where to fish on Loch Ken. W/c 25th June I have hired a static at the Loch Ken Holiday Park, Parton. So, the Loch is only feet away, But is that where the Pike are? I may have use of a boat also.
    Can't wait to go!!

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    They are all over )
    Drift the boat along any drop off u find )

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    Thats weird I was reading an article about Roach fishing on Loch Ken last night!!!! Dont know if it helps but they said the Roach where often stacked up on the east shoreline around May/June
    (mind you "east" shoreline could be a bit vague on a bloody huge loch)
    Anyway I know its not Pike but they are not going to be too far from a nice bit of grub are they.

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    Gary Knowles Guest



    The area right in front of the holiday park does produce fish so its worth fishing from the bank there. However you would be much better if you hired a boat. If you call in at the marina at crossmichael (East bank, South of Parton) you can get a boat at a reasonable price and this is generally a more productive area than Parton.

    If you head our towards Parton, from Crossmichael and head down the west bank there are huge beds of lilly pads with no bankside access where the water drops fast from 3-4 foot to 18-20 foot. We used to anchor up in these area's fish for livebaits over the side of the boat, adjacent to the lilly pads and fish livebaits against the pads and cast into the deep water. Our best fish was 21lb but this was rare. Most fish were between 2 ans 12 pounds but they fought like crazy and we would catch a dozen or so each on every session.

    Failing this the west bank has several large layby's where you can fish and although you get a few fish from these spots they are not usually as productive as the areas you can reach by boat.

    By the way, the pubs in New Galloway (North end of lake) are tremendous and stay open into the early hours every night !

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    Stuart Butcher Guest


    Just to say thanks to everyone that has responded to my request for info so far. The Internet certainly is very useful.

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    Gavin Walker Guest


    as Gary says,you would be much better hiring a boat as much of the loch is still closed to bank anglers.There are two main bank stretches open,at Glenlaggan and new Galloway but they are being fished almost constantly so are better avoiding just now from the bank.
    If you head up the loch towards New Galloway there are a couple of islands which are worth fishing around,as well as the weed beds on the west bank.If there is a coarse match on either permitted stretch then the huge roach shoals may be congregated round the ground bait of these anglers so it could be worth fishing opposite them as the pike will follow the bait fish.
    By the way,if you happen to find yourself in the bar at Lochinvar Hotel just up the road in Dalry,say hello to Lester for me!

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